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Carrot Hummus with lime zest, parsley, za'atar, and olive oil drizzle. Overhead shot on a blue white background, right side of bowl is cut off.

Carrot Hummus

A deliciously healthy carrot hummus, adaptable to every possible color of carrot, easily made by pureeing all ingredients in a food processor. Please meet my very purple Dragon (aka Purple) Carrot Hummus. Since the very first hummus recipe I shared on here was purple, it seemed apropos that the 2nd hummus recipe I share would be…also purple!!! Just to, ya know, really nail in the notion that I’m a purple-licious kinda gal. After all, I found my visual voice and it’s clearly very, very, very purple. Hummus is a spread made from ground chickpeas, ground sesame seeds (tahini), olive oil, ...

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